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Our business model is different from most. We're here to make sure your website is the best it can be for the most affordable amount for you. Our service also reduces the amount of time you have to spend worrying about your website. Let us take care of it that's what we're here for.
All of our servers utilize a 2.4GHz processor, solid state hard drives, high availability, and network redundancy. All of our plans come with daily website scanning to prevent malicious code from harming your website. All of our hosting is provided by virtual private servers (VPS).

Why Us?


Our turnaround time is what our clients love about us. We can take you from nothing to 100% functional in less than 60 hours

All-In-One Package

We're the all in one stop. We provide the VPS, site creation, content insertion, and maintenance of your site as long as you're with us.

Questions? We have answers.

1How long has BeKustom been around?
BeKustom has been around for over 12 years. We've had thousands of happy clients over the years.
2How long do I have to wait for my site?
We can have your site ready to launch to your customers in under 60 hours.
3What CMS is being used?
All of our sites are built in the latest version of WordPress and they all feature custom security, site scanning, and backup plugins.
4Do I have to purchase my own domain?
That is up to you. We can handle the entire process from domain purchasing to site completion if you would like us to. We do prefer to handle the entire process as it makes it easier for us from a management standpoint, but we understand if this isn't possible. When this isn't possible we will provide the name servers to point your domain to.
5Do you do other custom programming work?
Yes, it is quoted per job of course. We specialize in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, vb.NET, SQL, jQuery Mobile, and Javascript. We also specialize in custom WordPress plugins of all sorts. We can also convert an existing system over to WordPress if required. To get a quote CONTACT US.



Our servers are all powered by 2.4GHz processors, solid state hard drives, and network redundancy. So sleep easy knowing your site is online.

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Why is it worth choosing BeKustom?

We're an honest Christian ran business that wants to help everybody be successful in whatever venture they take.



All of our servers have enhanced security. All of our sites have custom security and scanning plugins to ease your mind.


Our servers are extremely stable as they're not shared hosting like Hostgator or Wix. Our servers also feature redundancy and weekly backup snapshots.


We're always available to you to fix whatever issue you have through our ticket system 24/7. The ticket system is for our clients only and it's ran as a first submit first fix basis.

Complete Solution

We're the complete solution. We handle everything for you from domain purchase to site launch and everything in between including the server management. We do all of our work in house and we don't outsource. Your data is safe with us guaranteed.